Ultimate Free Blogging Course Online: Get Success!

Hello. Welcome to quicktraff.com. If you’re looking for a proper reference on how to start blogging career. This Guide is for you. I hope that I’ll be able to satisfy your basic needs and requirements in this guide.

Before we proceed. Let’s take time to think.

There Are millions of Bloggers and internet marketers around. Out of all those people, everyone desire to get success but only a few of them deserve.

In other words, blogging is not a cup of tea and it is not as easy as you think.

So, who are those people that deserve blogging success?

…Those people are the one who has passion towards Writing, Thinking, Utilising, Learning and more of your skills.

Well. In this little piece of article, I’ll be providing you effective strategies and guides for Blogging Success.

This guide is for newbies. Many people charge few bucks for this course but here I will tell you how to get success in blogging for free.

Sounds good. So, Keep reading…

What do you need to be a blogger?

  1. You must know a good English language.
  2. Be patience and never give up.
  3. Be slow and steady. Do your work excellently.
  4. Don’t work hard, instead work smartly.
  5. Lastly, You must have a website.

So with that say, Let’s get started…

(I will provide you a task that you should follow step by step)

TASK 1: Starting a blog

  1. Choose a Profitable Topic or Niche For Your Blog.
  2. Pick the best environment for your blog.
  3. Choose your target readers.

TASK 2: Creating a Website

  1. WordPress.org vs WordPress.com: Everything you need to know
  2. Select right Domain name
  3. Buy Best and affordable Hosting
  4. Get SSL Certificate
  5. Install WordPress

Task 3: Website Customization

  1. Essential Setting for WordPress Installation.
  2. Choose a Best WordPress theme for your blog.
  3. Best WordPress plugins that you should use.
  4. Creating Menus and Widgets for Your WordPress Blog
  5. Best tools that are worth using (free/paid)

TASK 4: Fill your website with Content

  1. Learn to write SEO friendly articles.
  2. Best website for getting licensed images.
  3. 10 content type that will boost your traffic.


  1. Complete SEO guide: For beginner to intermediate.
  2. On page: your quality content, keyword placement, internal linking and other factors.
  3. On-site: Crawling and Indexing of your website.
  4. Effective Link building strategies & Techniques.
  5. Things you need to avoid while doing SEO.
  6. Start auditing your SEO campaign.

TASK 6: Generate traffic to your blog

  1. Source of traffic
  2. Promotion
  3. Social signals
  4. Search Engine submission
  5. Paid advertisement

TASK 7: Adsense: Most used ads network.

  1. How to apply for Adsense Account?
  2. Things you need before applying for Adsense.
  3. Best alternative to Adsense
  4. Can we use multiple ad networks at a time?
  5. How to avoid Adsense ban?

TASK 8: Affiliate Marketing

  1. E-Commerce Affiliate Marketing (Joining and Payment Procedure)
  2. Web Hosting Services Affiliate Marketing (GoDaddy, Hostgator, Bluehost)
  3. VPN Affiliate Marketing
  4. Other Affiliate Networks (Tube Buddy, Cu Links)