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6 Tried And Proven Ways of Killing Exam Stress

Exam stress is the biggest problem that every youngster face it usually increase one day before the exam and instantly more during the revision session.

A little amount of pressure can be helpful to keep you focused during exam time. However, for few students, it’s hard to tackle too much of pressure for a long time.

To win the battle against exam stress, here are some ways to reduce it, but you need to follow it smartly.

Eat & Drink well

Eat fresh fruits, vegetables, cereals, grains, nuts and protein that are good for the brain and maintain blood sugar levels.  Avoid junk food to remain healthy during exam time. Never stay hungry before the exam, eat normally and drinks fruit juice before the exam as well.

Get Enough Sleep

As said by the researcher that you need to get enough sleep of 6-8 hours always. It is necessary for optimum mental health and it increases your productivity. For a student, it is more necessary to increase mind power and concentration on studies. Therefore good sleep can get you rid of stress.

Exercise or Play

The best way to beat and overcome stress is either you exercise or play a sport. Physical exercise like running, jogging, playing, etc. will make you stress-free and mentally fit. You can also do meditation or yoga to relax your body. The researcher also proves that playing or exercising will develop and boost your mental and brain power.

Avoid Stimulants

A small amount of stimulant helps you to be attentive, but too much will increase your anxiety and affect your body and mind. Sometime you may want to move toward washroom for urgent needs if you consume huge amount. So, Do not take stimulants and eat healthily.

Make your timetable

Many of us cannot maintain timetable sincerely. Making a timetable will help you to manage and properly utilize your golden time. Try to strictly follow your timetable and make a daily habit. Be punctual with your timetable.

Be Prepared

Be confident and be prepared. Make sure that you are well prepared for your exam. Ensure that you have all the notes and books so that you didn’t get pressure later before the exam. Keep practicing your chapters and study smartly it will gain you more knowledge about your content.

Follow all these and it will help you get rid of the pressure and will give you a better result.