Instagram Marketing in 2018: The Definitive Guide to Instagram Success

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We all know that when there is a good audience around, that is the right place where you can advertise your digital assets and get your audience to your site. And… Social media is one of the best ways to get your audience engaged into your brands and products.

In this articles, we are going to share with you the complete guide on Instagram Marketing.


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If you are so eager to know about Instagram marketing this articles is absolutely for you. And another good news is that… …We’ll also share you some advanced strategies on Instagram marketing. So, keep scrolling down…

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Did you know the brutal fact? That…

…Instagram has over 400+ million monthly active users and around 95billion photos and videos were shared per day. Therefore, it has become one of the finest ways to grow your business and improve your marketing style and can give you handsome amount of sales.

Instagram MarketingInstagram being the fastest-growing platform with a huge number of active users, It’s time to show-off your digital assets to your audience by advertising your brands and products so that you get good exposure and sales on your business. Therefore, this Instagram marketing strategy can give you grant success to your business.

Now, if you are looking for some practical strategies that you can use for yourself. Keep reading this article…

Okay, now you might be wondering now about how to get started. Don’t worry…

Take a look at the content of the following step-by-step guide on Instagram marketing.

Optimise your Instagram account for your business

Instagram MarketingGreat! You ready? Let’s go…

Getting Instagram Account

To get started you need to create accounts which is necessary as your account will be your homepage on the platform. When you tried creating an account you will find two choices- either you can log in to Facebook or else you can sign up with a phone number or email. Choose your password and complete your business account on Instagram.

Now, it’s time to lift your profile by optimizing your profile picture, bio, links and other info.


You must have a good profile with a proper description that describes the entire aim and purpose of your business so that you are more likely to get targeted followers.

The description should be very personal to your business or brand that convey audience about who you are and what you do. Apart from that, try to include a Brand slogan or tagline in your description part (for e.g. Quicktraff-Learn To Dominate) blows the mind of the visitors.

Profile Picture


Your profile is very important on Instagram that shows about your branding on Instagram. The profile you set should be clearly recognizable so that when your visitor views it they can easily understand that – it is exactly yours.

For your profile picture either you can use: LOGO or LOGOMARK or others that look branded.


Did you know? Internet business is actually link business and your link from Instagram is the gateway that drives your audience from Instagram to your site (or business platform).

So now… I hope that you can understand how LINK is precious and important.

Unlike other social network platforms, Instagram allows you to get only one link and you can put that link only in your profile.

Truth to be told:

99.9% of the Instagram marketer use this link to drive traffic to their site. Therefore, it is so much important to keep an eye on this link.

Images and Videos


When I pronounce or say you the word ‘Instagram’, what is the first thing that comes to your mind?

….Image, Right?

Therefore, this is the most common type of post that is been shared in huge numbers on Instagram. So it is important to post variety and different kind of images. Make your viewers interest with your image. Another way to make your viewer love your post is by sharing motivational and impressive stuff. Do not upload too much that looks boring even to see, otherwise, you’ll lose a good number of people.

Instagram users always look for a genuine post from brands, not nonsense stuff that doesn’t mean anything to viewers.

There is different kind of images post that you can post.



Well, Instagram also allows you to upload videos up to 60seconds. Therefore, it is again another cool feature where you can make a slight share of your Instagram users. But the videos that you share must be compelling, attractive and professionally edited.


Do not make a mistake by uploading low-quality videos, because it can reduce your users’ engagement.

Use hashtags for Instagram Marketing

hashtagAll over the internet, you have seen people using hashtags (‘#”) but never notice it. Hashtags are actually keywords and when you read a post containing hashtags it looks damn cool and branded. It is said that these hashtags keywords define the whole description you put in your post.


Now…Why hashtags?


It is observed that most of the Instagram users fail to read the content of the post but loves to read the word that contains on hashtags (‘#’).


Because users like to see only images or videos that make them scrolling, with a much description in your post, sometimes viewer refuse to read. That’s where your Hashtags came in handy.


When anyone searching a keyword you used in your hashtags can see your post, but you have to keep your account public.

Therefore using specific hashtags for particular marketing campaign you run can promote your contest as faster than you can think of.

Publishing frequency

publishing frequencyKnowing the time to publish can make a huge impact on social media marketing.

Due to the change of Instagram algorithm timeline, knowing when to post is one of the most important factors for an Instagram marketer. So it’s important to post in time.

As said by sproutsocial:

  • Monday tends to drive the most engagement out of the week
  • 3 p.m. each day least average time to post
  • It is good and safe to post (excluding 3 p.m.) on Monday and Thursday
  • Most recommended posting times include 2 a.m., 8.a.m. and 5 p.m.

So it could be the best way to practice the timetable as given above.

Developing Customer Engagement and Content Strategies

Customer-engagementContent is always important for everything on digital. Without content, it’s like a body without bones.

Over 95millions and videos are being shared daily on the Instagram. And now content should be one of your target strategies as well.

That is also true that before having the thinking for visual style, it’s also worth thinking about your content as well.

…So how should you do that?

To establish the strategies whether you are a big company or small scale company, it is always good to have a solid content theme.

Always remember that your customer or audience love a specific topic with purpose. If you share a technology and gadgets things on your motivational based topic then it sucks, you’ll lose your audience sooner or later.

So here is some few example of content:

  • Behind the scene
  • User-generated content
  • Customer stories
  • Bio of the team member
  • Fun/jokes
  • Educational or motivational
  • Product advertisement
  • Culturally related post
  • Ad much more

Let’s say you have you have an account related to a motivational thing.

Now your sole purpose is to put the content related to motivational. So your content pillar will include:

  • Self-development quote picture
  • Life-changing story of some great personality
  • Encouraging stuff
  • Success story
  • And another inspiring story.

Successful brands on Instagram and their content theme or pillar.


FedEx’s feed has photos based on delivery drivers, vans, and planes. They also feature an image shared by their followers- that how FedEx keep their fans and audience engaged with them.


Nike has photos regarding their product like sports shoes and other casual stuff of their own brand. So, the audience always scrolls and get engaged whenever Nike posted their product on their Instagram because the audience knows that Nike always put their brand product and not any others.

CPIP Technique (Cross Promote Instagram Posts)

instagram postIt is always good to cross-promote whenever you can. It has been a new trend that people always love to share their similar product by tagging others brand and even people love to see the post that’s has a tag to the company and product and much more than that.

Let’s take a quick example…

Say you have a company selling sports stuff. Now using CPIP Technique, you can link to some sports tournament, sports club, and other related sports product selling company.

Whenever you Cross-promote with others, it impacts your audience visual and your post can get more attention.

Pushing your Instagram Followers into Customers

Instagram MarketingOnce you get the engaged followers or audience. It’s time to convert your audience into a customer.

Remember… that it is that most important part of the overall Instagram marketing tactics.

So here is how you do that:

1.Promotion: Deals, Discounts, and other promotional offering are that good way to drive your audience into a customer. It is also the best way you make your first-sales with your Instagram follower or audience. Remember to link the good landing page where the product can be found in a convenient way. And also don’t forget to mention expire date in order to make a sense your urgency.

2.Launch a product live: Have you ever show when a company launched their product they give live telecast on Instagram? By this tactics, you can easily convert your viewer into customers.

3.Teasers: Instagram is the best platform to advertise your audience the awesomeness of your product before they become available on market. A few image can your audience excitement.

4.Contest: You can promote contest by asking an audience to follow your account and sharing the content to get an offer of a specific product. That’s also the way to convert your follower into a customer.

{Note: You can use much more strategies creatively in order to convert your audience into customers}

How to create an Instagram ads

Like Facebook, Instagram also allows you to set up an Instagram ads.  But all the setup is done on Facebook ads platform.

Here is the video guide to create an Instagram ads. Watch it:

Instagram analytic

Instagram AnalyticsTill now Instagram doesn’t have an analytic platform but once you switch your account to business account, you got some of the limited analytic like Follower, reach, engagement, growth by clicking on the “view insight” below. You can also use Facebook Ad Manager to track impression, engagement and spend.

Apart from all those resources, you can use third-party apps in order to track your analytics report.

Some of the tools are Iconoquare and Simply Measured. It will allow you extra measure like optimal post time based on the previous post, and your performance compared to the competitor.

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