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Being Happy Doesn’t Mean that Everything is Perfect!

No one is perfect in this world, so there is nothing that we can say that being happy everything is perfect. We all want to be of our best version, of being happy, having a perfect house, a perfect job and a perfect family and life.

You see, imperfection is part of humanity and it’s also a part of life. Yes, it is easy to get concern with perfection because everyone wants to be a perfect and everyone tried their level best to be their best version. But sadly none of us is perfect. So expecting to be perfect is not a real deal.

When you keep imperfection aside you can start yourself to be more content and happier as well. You will feel the true happiness when you let go all the messy situation and when you allow your life to happens and unfold on its own.

We personally say when we seeing another family happy moment, that this family is perfect as they stay happily in term of money, houses, property and so on. But we never understand how life is made up. There are ups and downs in everyone’s life. You must know that the true happiness is when you accept that what you have is enough.

Happiness is always available, in all those imperfect moments scattered throughout our daily life. Happiness consists in loving what we have instead of pursuing the things we think we want. If we can focus on the great thing of every imperfect moment, we will have seen real happiness.
So be happy and relax with the knowledge that nothing’s perfect, and perhaps within that lays the beauty of everything!