11 Content Type That Will Help You Get More Traffic

Content TypeIf you think content is king, then content type is big important that can boost traffic.

There are millions of blog on the internet, but some perform extraordinarily that you could ever be imagined. A piece of Content is the reason why a ton of visitors lands on your page. Therefore, it is important to understand few type of content that drives a lot of traffic to your site.

Whether you working on SEO, Marketing or Link building, content is always as important as you think.

Way more…

If you’re a content marketer and want to boost your traffic. This piece is for you. I am sure that after following these strategies you’ll immediately get fresh traffic, targeted visitors, good sales and better SEO.

Here I have outlined 11 type of content that will help you boost traffic and also In some part I have mention some few resources that you can use.

Let’s get started…

1. Interview

interviewInteraction build relationships. Every field has an expert. So if you’re able to interview experts, you have all the information right in your hand that some other don’t. Besides that, you also gained a lot of respect.

Furthermore, when you publish an interview content, people expect stories, queries, solution and new ideas and lot more.

How to do it:
  • Contact to an interviewee and set a time for a talk. I recommend you to contact can interviewee on LinkedIn because it’s messenger will make you the convenience to connect. Or you can contact on any other platform as your wish.
  • Best way to conduct an interview is by providing a google document to an interviewee so that he/she can clearly answer your question without any confusion.
  • Introduce an interviewee and generate excitement and anticipation.
  • Ask a question and give time to answer interviewee comfortably.
  • In conclusion, don’t forget to thank interviewee and wish for a good future ahead.
Point to remember:
  • Make sure that you put a well-written script if your interview medium is audio or video. The script should be exactly same as the audio or video.
  • It may not rank well in Google, since fewer people linked to it, perhaps it can bring you leads and targeted audience indeed.

2. Webinars

webinarWell-planned and appropriately conducts webinars not only boost your traffic but it also brings you leads as well.

Webinars are just a seminar conducted by two industry or companies over the internet.

How to do it:
  • Organise a webinar series with experts or other niche-based specialists.
  • Discuss what topic to be presented. Make sure it is trending and worth participating.
  • Choose a particular software and get ready. Some software is Adobe Connect, Webinarjam, etc.
  • Now, Invite people who would like to participate in advertising to social media, through email or any other platform.
Point to remember:
  • If you don’t have many subscribers to send your invitation, then use paid version channels. Otherwise, you will be the only one listening to an expert.
  • The leads that you are going to get will be a little bit bold. Therefore, the conversion rate will be little slower than you expect.

3. Infographics

infographicsWhen an information is all set together with graphics, it is known as Infographics.

Infographics are a visual way of presentation in which you have the ability to capture an idea in a compact visual format. It is understandable, yet sharable as well.

How to do it:
  • If you have graphics designer, that’s great. You can make him/her make an effective infographic for you.
  • If you don’t have graphics designer, well no problem. You can use some paid service like and many more. You need to spend few bucks to use the service.
Point to remember:
  • Make your infographic effective, attractive and informative.
  • Make sure you describe all the information with few lines.

4. Product review by Experts

product reviewProduct review is your original take-on a particular product. How was the product? Is it good or bad? Is it worth owning it? So much more than that you can add to your content.

Peoples always keep an eye on a product review before the own anything. Because it is always a far better option to see the review than owning a product blindly.

How to do it:
  • Find an expert that has a specialty in a particular niche( eg. SEO, Content marketing, etc.). Now, connect to that expert and asked about their favorite tools and also ask why it is their favorite.
  • If it is a physical product. Make sure you have a video component on that product and perfectly experienced with the product.
  • If you have a good fund you can run ads and start surveying.
  • After all. Start creating a content genuinely.
Point to remember:
  • Never ever write only the good points of the product.
  • Make sure you note down both negative and positive point on the particular product.

5. Email Series

Email MarketingEmail Marketing is love. There are myriad of reasons why people love using it, generation after generation.

Every email you sent to other may not gain lots of traffic. However, when it reaches to potential customers, it can give you big benefit.

That’s what makes email marketing so unique.

How I do it:
  • Collect email address of any company or industry that is related to your niche.
  • Write an email that is something useful to your email viewers.
  • Drop a link to your content so that your mail reader would have a possible way to land on your page.
  • Design with a different template so that it looks attractive and impressive.
Point to remember:
  • Be natural and original while sending an email.
  • Don’t make it look like a spam email.
  • Execute content that is useful, helpful and worth reading.

6. List

ListNumbered content is as popular as ever. People love reading a post that is well arranged and easy to understand. Therefore, content that is listed is more preferred than a normal content without a list.

Here are a few examples of how listed content looks like,“12 Blogging Mistakes Most Beginner Bloggers Make”.

How to do it:
  • It is simply unlike any other content.
  • Figure out the important point that you want to list. Now, list out the different topic with a number.
Point to remember:
  • Make it simple and easier. Use this format to create list content: write down introduction first, followed by a list of a point, lastly, include conclusion if you wish.

7. Guest post

Guest BloggingWhen you drop your piece of content on other websites- that has lots of traffic, then there’s no doubt that your piece of content can drive a good number of traffic to your site eventually.

How to do it:
  • Find out the site that accepts guest post related to your niche. Outreach the site owner by email and make sure whether they accept the guest post or not.
  • Create a content and contribute it to the site by email.
  • Write an original article and avoid automated article. Write it manually. And make sure your article is useful, helpful and worth publishing.
Point to remember:
  • Drop your site or content link to the content that you’re going to contribute.
  • Almost all the site that accepts guest post introduces author bio- where you can add your website URL. So, make use of it properly.
  • A link is the main source to drive the viewer to your site. Therefore, keep an eye on it.

8. Case study

A case study always deals with the real proof and a result. It is something that really works and helps clients.

The case study basically tells, “here’s how we do it”, “here’s the results we get” and “here’s what we do it”.

How to do it:
  • Write a summary and preview of the outcome.
  • Discuss the problem that you faced and also include the solution which you got a result.
  • Provide a conclusion at last.
Point to remember:
  • Make case study that doesn’t exactly looks like pure marketing.
  • Let your case study be like “story”. Make it interesting and include the challenge that you have faced. As it says, “a good case study is really an inspiring story”.

9. How-to post Or any Question-type

how-to or any question-typeHow-to or any question-type articles always rock. It is always trending and one of the most popular type of content that never gets rust.

How-to or question -type articles always introduce the problems and the solution at a point in time. It has also become long tail search potential due to its popularity of the word “how-to” is right at the beginning of a search query.

How to do it:
  • Find out the problem then hit out with a solution.
  • How-to post fairly comes up with an introduction of the problem, followed by the solution of the problem( the solution can be taught by a step-by-step guide), and at last, it ends with a conclusion.

10. Memes

MemesI personally love memes. How about you?

Memes content always goes viral faster than any other content type like guides, news and many more. Memes are hilarious, lots of humor, viral, fun and it is something that can make people laugh at.

How to do it:
  • It is most simple to create memes. You don’t need a graphics designer to create memes. Some site like Quick meme and meme generator are a good website to create a meme.
  • You can create your own meme. Just make it viral, funny, and hit out with more humorous ideas that make people laugh.
Point to remember:
  • Memes are best for sharing on the social media platform. Twitter, Instagram, StumbleUpon, Reddit can help you meme goes viral.
  • Try to create something unique. Be creative. A popular meme has less value than a new meme.

11. Podcast

podcastsWith reference to Wikipedia, “A podcast is an episodic series of digital audio or video files which a user can download and listen to”.

Podcasts have its own level of popularity. Some people listen to it during their break period or exercise. It is easy to create, at the same point it helps in boosting extra traffic to your site.

How to do it:
  • Select that topic that you are going to podcasting on.
  • List out important questions that will help your audience solve their problems.
  • Get a good quality headphone or microphone and recording equipment.
  • Now record it professionally. Audio quality must be good.
Point to remember:
  • Make sure you have a decent microphone and some technical knowledge.
  • Try to promote podcast page, in order to rank well in google and additionally you can also get featured on iTunes as well.


  • This is a pretty good list, but you forgot video! 🙂 The best part about putting videos on YouTube is that you can then embed them into your blog as well as other people’s videos if you’re trying to make a point. I don’t use infographics and I’d be bad at creating memes. I’m also not much of a guest poster; I’ve never asked anyone if I could post one on their site. The other things… spot on!